Breast cancer, Sign & Symptoms, Treatment & Types of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer, Sign & Symptoms

Breast cancer is cancer, that develops from breast tissue. Signs of breast cancer may include a lump in the breast, a change in breast shape, dimpling of the skin, fluid coming from the nipple, a newly inverted nipple,or a red,or scaly patch of skin. In those with distant spread of the disease, there may be bone pain, swollen lymph nodes, shortness of the breath,or yellow skin.

Breast Cancer

Types of the breast cancer

  • Inflammatory carcinoma
  • Medullary carcinoma
  • Lobular carcinoma
  • Adenocarinoma
  • Intraductal carcinoma
  • Infiltrating carcinoma


  • Smoking
  • Alcoholism
  • Obesity
  • Hypertension
  • Hormonal therapy
  • Highly early food
  • Early menarche and late menopause
  • Radiation exposure
  • Breast trauma
  • Avoiding of breastfeeding, ect.

Clinical features

  • Abnormal secretion
  • lump in breast
  • Oedema in breast
  • Warmth in breast
  • fever
  • Breath difficulties
  • Pruritis in breast
  • Breastfeeding failure
  • Burning in breast
  • Hypercalcemia
  • Severe anxiety
  • Severe vomiting
  • Severe pain in breast,ect


  • Physical examination
  • History collection
  • Self breast examination
  • Breast biopsy
  • CT scan
  • Liver function test
  • Hormonal receptor assay
  • MRI
  • Mammography


  • Death
  • Chest infections
  • Cosmetic problems
  • Bone metastasis


  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy
  • Surgical Management
  • Other Drugs

Nursing management

  • Pre operative care
  • Post operative care
  • Intra operative care

What causes most cases of breast cancer?

Mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are the most common. On average, women with a BRCA1 mutation have up to a 72% lifetime risk of developing breast cancer.

Is breast cancer is common in India?

Breast cancer has ranked number one cancer among Indian females with age adjusted rate as high as 25.8 per 100,000 women and mortality 12.7 per 100,000 women. Data reports from various latest national cancer registries were compared for incidence, mortality rates.

What age can you get breast cancer at?

Most breast cancers are found in women who are 50 years old or older. Some women will get breast cancer even without any other risk factors that they know of. Having a risk factor does not mean you will get the disease, and not all risk factors have the same effect.

What is a healthy breast size?

Results showed that approximately 60% of men and 54% of women agreed that average-sized breasts are more attractive to them. Likewise, 49% of men and 52% of women concurred that a C cup is the ideal breast size, which is close to the average breast size of women in both the United States and Europe.

Can you get breast cancer for no reason?

Many different things can affect your chances of getting breast cancer. There’s no single cause. It results from a combination of the way we live our lives, our genes and our environment.

Does stress cause breast cancer?

Many women feel that stress and anxiety caused them to be diagnosed with breast cancer. Because there has been no clear proof of a link between stress and a higher risk of breast cancer, researchers in the United Kingdom conducted a large prospective study on the issue.

Does lack of sleep cause cancer?

Disruptions in the body’s “biological clock,” which controls sleep and thousands of other functions, may raise the odds of cancers of the breast, colon, ovaries and prostate. Exposure to light while working overnight shifts for several years may reduce levels of melatonin, encouraging cancer to grow.

What is the most common treatment for breast cancer?

Surgery is the primary treatment for breast cancer. Learn about breast-conserving surgery, the 3 types of mastectomy, and lymph node biopsy and dissection.

What is the treatment for Stage 1 breast cancer?

Surgery is the main treatment for stage I breast cancer.

The nearby lymph nodes will also need to be checked, either with a sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) or an axillary lymph node dissection (ALND). Some women can have breast reconstruction at the same time as the surgery to remove the cancer.

How long are breast cancer treatments?

If you’re lucky and catch your condition early on, then your breast cancer treatment will generally last between three and six months. This assumes there is no further growth while you are undergoing treatment. In more advanced cases, you should typically expect a minimum of six months of treatment.

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