Medical Terminology/ Nursing Exams Points

Jaundice – a liver disease leading to increased bilirubin level in the blood.

Kaposi’s sarcoma – multiple idiopathic hamorrhagic sarcoma.

Ketouria – enhanced urinary excretion of Ketone bodies.

Labour – delivery, childbirth, the process of expulsion of a foetus from the uterus at the normal termination of pregnancy.

Lacrimal – arrangement attached to the eye moistening and cleansing the front of this organ.

Lacrymation– tears, weeping, lacrimal glands.

Lactation – secretion of milk in the breast after childbirth.

Lysis – dissolution, destruction.

Laryngeal spasm – a sudden, abnormal muscular construction of larynx.

Larynx – the organ of voice.

Laxative – a mixed act of evacuation of faeces.

Leprosy – a chronic disease which affects particularly the skin, mucous membrane, and nerves.

Leucopenia – a condition in which the white blood corpuscles of the blood are greatly reduced in numbers.

Leukaemia – a malignant state where in an increase of abnormal leukocytes in the blood is seen.

Libido – sexual Desire.

Lipotropic – tending to produce the utilization of fat and thus prevent excessive fat deposits in the hair.

Lymphoblastic leukaemia – leukaemia of an immature cell which becomes a lymphocyte.

Lymphocytic – relating to a variety of white blood corpuscle produce in the lymphoid tissues and lymphatic glands of the body.

Lymphosarcoma – a malignant tumour arising from lymphatic tissues

Lypolysis – decomposition of fat.

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