Psychosexual development, and Apgar Score, ( By GS India Nursing).

Psychosexual development:- ( According to Sigmund Freud).

In, Freudian psychoanalytic theory, the influence that sexual growth has on personality development from birth to adult life, with the phases of sexual maturation designated as oral, anal, phallic, latency, and genital.

Psychosexual development stages:-

1. 0-1 years, ( Oral stage). Breast feeding and sucking.

2. 2-3 years, ( Anal stage). Anal and urethral control, Holding and expelling faces.

3. 4-5 years, ( Phallic stage). Child feel attraction towards opposite sex.

4. 6-12 years, ( Latency stage). Gang formation. Make friends.

5. Above 12 years, ( Pubescent stage). Appear secondary sexual characteristics in male and female.



( Apgar score describe by Dr. Virginia Apgar). A system for evaluating an infants physical condition at birth. The heart rate, respiration, muscle stone, response to stimuli and skin colour, of the Infant are determined at 1 minute. and again at 5 minute. total score is 10.

A — Appearance. P — Pulse. G — Grimace. A — Activity. R — Respiration.


1. Heart rate. Absent, (0) Slow (<100), (1) <100 (2) .

2. Respiration. Absent, (0) Slow, irregular, (1) Good, crying (2).

3. Colour. Blue, pale (0) Body pink extremities blue (1) Completely pink (2).

4. Muscles tone. Flaccid, (0) Some reflexion of extremities, (1) Active motion, (2).

5. Reflex response. No response, (0) Grimace, (1) Cry (2).

Total Score:- 10 No depression, 7-10 ( it indicates good). Mild depression, 4-6 ( it indicates fair). Severe depression, 0-3 ( it indicates poor conditions which requires immediate attention).

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