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What is water borne disease?, it’s causes, their examples- (10 water borne disease examples)…. by GS india Nursing!!

In this article, we will understand detailed and accurate information about water-borne disease, it’s causes, & their examples:

What is water borne disease?

What is/are examples of water borne disease?

Water-borne diseases examples

What is the causes of water borne diseases?

10 more examples of water borne diseases?

What is water borne disease?

Water borne disease: – Disease or illnesses caused by micro-organisms in polluted/untreated or contaminated water. As- Polio, Cholera, Amoebiasis, dysentery, Typhoid etc.

What is/are examples of water borne disease?

The examples of water borne disease: Polio (Poliomyelitis), Cholera, Amoebiasis, dysentery, Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis E, Diarrhea.

Polio (Poliomyelitis)- polio or poliomyelitis is a viral communicable disease caused by polio virus and affects nervous system and digestive  system secondarily”and can cause temporary or permanent acute infectious viral disease, esp affecting children contact with infected feces.

Causes of polio:- polio is transmitted Thought contaminated food and water or contact with an other infected person.

Pathogen and transmission polio:- polio oral fecal route and droplet infection by transmitted

Cholera: cholera is a bacterial communicable disease caused by vibrio cholerae that cause acute GI infection vomiting and diarrhea which leads to severe dehydration, a serious disease that causes stomach pains.

Causes of cholera:- is a bacterial disease caused by vibrio cholerae bacteria.

Transmission of cholera:- cholera is a bacterial disease and caused by vibrio cholerae bacteria and oral fecal route transmitted by

Dysentery:- dysentery is a communicable disease in which acute intestinal infection is caused by shigella dysentery,amoeba and produces bloody diarrhoea.

Types of dysentery:-

Amoebic dysentery: A parasite infection of the intestine with the amoeba Entamoeba histolytica.

Bacillary dysentery:- A type of dysentery, Shigellosis severe from of bacillary dysentery. Caused by shigella dysentery bacteria.

Causes of dysentery:- A caused by shigella dysentery bacteria

Transmission of dysentery:- dysentery is a bacteria disease and contaminated food, water by flies and lack of hygeine.

Typhoid fever- (Enteric fever):- typhoid fever is a bacterial disease caused by salmonella typhi. and contaminated food and water.

Transmission of Typhoid fever- is a typhoid fever- contaminated food and water, oral fecal route through by transmitted.

Hepatitis E, :- hepatitis E a type of liver disease and caused by hepatitis E virus.

Transmission of hepatitis E:- The hepatitis E virus transmitted by contaminated food and water and fecal route.

10 more examples of water borne diseases-

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