Fracture/bones fracture, types of fracture, their management

In this article, we will understand detailed and accurate information about fracture, types of fracture & their management.

What is bone fracture?

How many are types of fracture?

What is their management?

What is bone fracture?// Bone Fracture:

Bone fracture: A break in continuity of bones is called fracture it may be due to excessive pressure on Bone and bone is unable to absorb this pressure.

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Types of fracture:-

There are different types of fracture: Complete fracture, Incomplete fracture,Comminuted fracture, Closed fracture, simple fracture, Open fracture, compound or Complex fracture, Impacted fracture, Pathologic fracture etc.

Complete fracture:- It involves the entire section of the bone.

Incomplete facture:- Also called green stick fracture, break occurs only though part of the cross section of the bone.

Comminuted fracture:- a break with several bone fragments.

Closed fracture:- It is also called simple fracture: – it does not produce a break in skin.

Open fracture:- It is also called compound or Complex fracture: – A break in which the skin or mucus membrane wound extends to the fractured bone.

Impacted fracture:- whe one bone impact to another bone.

Pathologic fracture:- Fracture occurs due to bone disease or without any other pressure, e g, osteoporosis bone, osteomyelitis.


Emergency management:-

  • Check ABC of patient and also maintain it.
  • Check vital signs.
  • Immediately after injury, immobilize the body part of while the patient have to move.
  • We should splint the fracture.
  • To support the fracture site.
  • In an upper Extermity injury, the arm may be bandaged to the chest or an injured forearm may be placed in a sling.
  • Cover the wound of an open fracture with sterile dressing to prevent contaminating of deeper tissues.

Reduction of Fracture:- It is of three types.

Closed Reduction:- It is method of fracture realignment. It is performed by manually ( by hands) apply a traction force to bone till end of the bone together.

Open Reduction:- Surgical placement of internal fixation devices ( e.g., metallic pins, wires, screws, plates, nails or rods).

Traction Reduction:- The application of a pulling force, especially as a means of counteracting the nature tension in the tissues, surrounding a broken bone.

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