MCQ Nursing Question and Answers, Medical and Surgical Nursing, (by GS India Nursing).

MCQ Question of Nurses Exams

Q1. गर्भावस्था के दौरान माँ को कौन सा यौन संक्रमण रोग जन्म के बाद बच्चे में बहरापन और मानसिक मंदता का कारण बन सकता है? Which sexual infection disease to the mother during pregnancy can cause deafness and mental retardation in the child after birth?

A. Gonorrhea

B. Syphilis

C. Chlamydia infection

D. Staphylococcal

Q2. एचसीजी का आधा जीवन क्या है? What is the half-life of hCG?

A. 30 days

B. 15 days

C. 24 hrs

D. 10 days

Q3. निम्न में से गुइलेन बैरे सिंड्रोम किसकी बीमारी है? Guillain barre syndrome is a disease of
which of the following?

A. Spinal cord

B. Peripheral nerve

C. Brain

D. All of the above

Q4. The most common site of intracranial hemorrhage is?

A. Pons

B. Mid-brain

C. Cerebellum

D. . Basal ganglia

Q5. Proctoscopy is used to observe?

A. Ureter

B. Bladder

C. Uterus

D. Lower rectum

Q6. Hearing loss is done by which test?

A. Weber test

B. Rinne test

C. Snellen test

D. Both A & B/ A

Q7. Vagus nerve is?

A. X


C. V


Q8. Which is the first sensation to be lost in leprosy?

A. Touch touch

B. Pain

C. Temperature

D. Deep pressure

Q9. Tarry or black coloured stool is seen in?

A. Piles

B. Lower GI heamorrhage

C. Upper GI bleeding

D. Anal fissure

Q10. Kussmaul’s breathing is related to with?

A. Diabetic ketoacidosis

B. Pneumonia

C. Cardiac arrest

D. Diabetic neuropathy

Q11. Through which of the following tests is the diagnosis of Kala Azar done?

A. Widal test

B. ELISA test

C. rk39 dipstick

D. Mantoux test

Q12. Diphtheria is diagnosed by which of the following test?

A. Widal test

B. ELISA test

C. Schick test

D. Mantoux test

Q13. A disease that affects a large number of people within a community, population or region?

A. Endemic

B. Epidemic

C. Incidence

D. Outbreak

Q14. The increase in the number of endemic cases is more than anticipated, then it is said to be?

A. Endemic

B. Epidemic

C. Incidence

D. Outbreak

Q15. Benedict’s test in a urine sample is done for the detection of?

A. Glucose

B. Bile pigment

C. Bile salt

D. Acetone

👉The answers to the above given optional questions are given below:

Q1. Ans. B. Syphilis

Q2.Ans. C. 24 hrs

Q3.Ans. B. Peripheral nerve

Q4.Ans. D. Basal ganglia

Q5. Ans. D. Lower rectum

Q6. Ans D. Both A & B/ A

Q7.Ans. A. X

Q8. Ans. C. Temperature

Q9. Ans. C. Upper GI bleeding

Q10. Ans. A. Diabetic ketoacidosis

Q11. Ans. C. rk39 dipstick

Q12. Ans. C. Schick test

Q13.Ans. B. Epidemic

Q14.Ans. D. Outbreak

Q15. Ans. A. Glucose

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