Medical Fullform/Abbreviations / Medical Prescription Acronyms

ADS = Anti Diphtheria Serum,

ANC = Anti Natal Clinic, Ante Natal Care,

ABER = Annual Blood Examination Rate,

AWW = Anganwadi worker,

ANM = Auxiliary Nurse Midwife,

ANP = Applied Nutrition Programme,

APH = Anti Partum Haemorrhage,

ART = Acute Respiratory Incidence,

ASV = Anti Snake Venom,

ATS = Anti Tetanus Serum,

AHM = Auxiliary Health Management.

AHM = Academy for Healthcare Management.

BBT = Basal Body Temperature,

BCG = Bacilli Calmette Guerin,

BDO = Block Development Officer,

BHS = Basic Health Services,

BMI = Body Mass Index,

BMR = Basal Metabolic Rate,

BSE = Breast self Examination,

CARE = Co-operative for Assistance and relief everywhere,

CDR = Crude Death Rate,

CBR = Crude Birth Rate,

CCH = Central Council of Health,

CCU = Critical Care Unit,

CD = Communicable Disease,

CGHS = Central Government Health scheme,

CHC = Community Health Centre,

CHO = Community Health Officer,

CHW = community Health Worker,

CMR = Child Mortality Rate,

CPCB = Central Pollution Control Board,

CSIR = Council of Scientific and Industrial Research,

DDT = Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloroethane,

DGHS = Director General of Health Services,

DHF = Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever,

DHS = Director of Health Services,

DMPA = Depot Medroxy Progesterone Acetate,

DNR = Doctor Nurse Ratio,

DDHN = District Public Health Nurse,

DPT = Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus (vaccine),

DTC = District Training Centre,

EDD = Expected Date of Delivery,

EAA = Essential Amino Acid,

EFA = Essential Fatty Acid,

ELISA = Enzyme linked immuno sorbant assay,

EPI = Expanded Programme on Immunization,

ESI = Employee State Insurance,

FAO = Food and agriculture organisation,

FBD = Food Borne Diseases,

FHA = Female Health Assistant,

FHW = Female Health Worker,

FP = Family Planning,

FPAI = Family Planning Association of India,

FWS = Family Welfare Services,

GFR = General Fertility Rate,

GMFR = General Marital Fertility Rate,

GMR = General Marriage Rate,

GRR = Gross Reproduction Rate,

HAF = Health Assistant Female,

HBIG = Hepatitis B Immunoglobulin,

HDCV = Human Diploid Cell Vaccine,

HIV = Human Immunodeficiency Virus,

IBD = Insect Born Disease,

ICD = International Classification of Diseases,

ICDS = Integrated Children Development Services,

ICMR = International Council of Medical Research,

ICN = International Council of Nurses,

IDD = Iodine Deficiency Disorder,

IEC = Information, Education and Communication,

ICU = Intensive Care Unit,

ILO = International Labour Organization,

IMA = Indian Medical Association,

IMR = Infant Mortality Rate,

INC = Indian Nursing council,

IPV = Inactivated Polio Vaccine,

IQ = Intelligence Quotient,

IRDP = Integrated Rural Development programme,

IS = Immunization Schedule,

IU = International Unit,

IUCD = Intra Uterine Contraceptive Devices,

JE = Japanese Encephalitis,

JD = Juvenile Delinquency,

LBW = Low Birth Weight,

LEP = Leprosy Eradication Programme,

LHV = Lady Health Visitor,

LR = Literacy Rate,

MBD = Mosquito Born Diseases,

MCH = Maternal and Child Health,

MDMP = Mid Day Meal Programme,

MDSM = Mid Day School Meal,

MHS = Maternal Health Services,

MLC = Medico Legal Case,

MMR = Maternal Mortality Rate, Measles, Mumps, Rubella,

MNP = Minimum Need Programme,

MR = Mental Retardation,

MTP = Medical Termination of Pregnancy,

NAB = National Association of Blind,

NACO = National AIDS Control Organisation,

NEERI = National Engeenering and Environmental Research Institute,

NWSP = National Water Sanitation programme,

NPP = National Population Policy,

NMEP = National Malaria Eradication Programme,

NID = National Immunization Day,

NHS = National Health Services,

NHP = National Health Policy,

NGO = Non Governmental Organization,

NGCP = National Goitre Control programme,

NFCP = National Filaria Control Programme,

NIHFW = National Institute of Health and Family Welfare,

OPV = oral polio vaccine,

ORS = oral rehydration solution,

ORT = oral rehydration therapy,

PSM = preventive and social medicine,

PPH = post partum Haemorrhage,

PNMR = post natal mortality rate,

PNC = post natal care,

PHN = Public Health nurse,

PHC = Primary Health Centre,

PEM = protein energy malnutrition,

PCM = protein calorie malnutrition,

PCI = per capital income,

PBR = population bed ratio,

RHS = Rural Health Scheme,

RFWC = rural Family Welfare centre,

RBR = rural birth rate,

STD = sexually transmitted disease,

SARS = Severe acute respiratory syndrome,

SDR = specific death rate,

SFP = supplementary feeding programme,

SNA = student nursing Association,

TFR = total fertility rate,

TIG = tetanus immunoglobulin,

TPP = twenty point programme,

T.T. = tetanus toxoid,

TNAI = trained nurses Association of India,

USAID = United State agency for international development,

UNICEF = United Nations International children emergency fund,

UNDP = United Nations development programme,

UIP = Universal immunization programme,

UFWC = urban Family Welfare centre,

UCI = Universal child immunization,

VBT = Vector Borne transmission,

VHW= voluntary health worker,

VD = venereal disease,

VDRL = venereal disease research laboratory,

VHAI = voluntary health Association of India,

VHGS = village health guide scheme,

WBC = well baby clinic,

WBD = water borne diseases,

WHO = World Health Organization,

WHD = World Health Day,

WWF = world wide fund,

CDP = community development programme,

NMCP = National Malaria Control Programme,

FPP = family planning programme,

NLCP = National leprosy Control Programme,

NFCP = National Filaria Control Programme,

NMEP = National Malaria eradication programme,

NSEP = National smallpox eradication programme,

SHP = School Health Programme,

ANP = applied nutrition programme,

ICDS = Integrated child development scheme,

RHS = Rural Health Scheme,

NIEP = National leprosy eradication programme,

UIP = Universal immunization programme,

NACP = national AIDS control programme,

CSSM = child survival and safe motherhood,

PPI = pulse polio immunization,

RCH = reproductive child health.

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