Nursing research and Purpose of Nursing research

In this article, we will understand detailed and accurate information about Nursing research & its purposes related all aspects of Nursing.

Nursing research

According to polit and Hungler “Nursing research is a systematic search for knowledge about issue of importance in the nursing profession.” The commission on nursing research of ANA (1981) has viewed nursing research as follows: “Nursing research develops knowledge about health and promotion of health over the full lifespan, care of persons with health problems and disabilities and nursing actions to enhance the ability of individuals to respond effectively to actual or potential health problems.”


According of French Ruth M, “Research essentially is a problem-solving process, a systematic, intensive study directed towards full, scientific knowledge of the subject studied.”

Purpose of nursing research

The purpose of nursing research are: discover new facts about known phenomenon. Discover new facts about known phenomenon. Find answers to problems which are only partially solved by existing methods and information. Improve existing techniques and develop new instruments of products. Discover pathways of action of known substances are elements.

Directions for research

Priority should be given to nursing research that would generate knowledge to guide practice in:. Promoting health, well being, and competency for personal care among all age groups, preventing health problems throughout the life span that have the potential to reduce productivity and satisfaction, Decreasing the negative impact of health problems on coping abilities, productivity, and life satisfaction of individual and families, Ensuring that the care needs of particularly vulnerable groups are met through appropriate strategies.

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