What is the most common mode of HIV transmission from mother to child? मां से बच्चे में एचआईवी संचरण का सबसे आम तरीका क्या है?

A. First trimesters

B. 3rd trimesters

C. Breastfeeding

D. Perinatal

Ans. D. Perinatal/ पेरिनेटल

Perinatal mean: Perinatal is the period of time when you become pregnant and up to a year after giving birth.

Others important Points see below:

Antenatal mean: connected with the care of pregnant women. Antenatal means relating to the medical care of women when they are expecting a baby.

Prenatal mean: before birth; during or relating to pregnancy. Prenatal: Occurring or existing before birth. Prenatal care is the regular health care women should receive from an obstetrician or midwife during pregnancy.

Postnatal mean: relating to or denoting the period after childbirth.

Postpartum Period mean: The terms puerperium, puerperal period, or immediate postpartum period are commonly used to refer to the first six weeks following childbirth. The first six weeks after giving birth are known as the postpartum period.

Q21.What is linea nigra? लिनिया निग्रा (linea nigra) क्या है?
A. Black line/ काली रेखा
B. Blue line/ ब्लू लाइन
C. Red line / लाल रेखा
D. White line/ सफेद रेखा

Ans.**A. Black line/ काली रेखा

**The linea nigra is a latin term which
literally translates to ‘black line’. Linea nigra is a physiological form of hyperpigmentation commonly seen in the first trimester of pregnancy. It is the name used to describe the dark vertical line which often appears on the abdomen of pregnant women around the middle of pregnancy.It is also known as the ‘pregnancy line’.

Linea Nigra during pregnancy

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