Newborn reflex, types of reflex, Reflex means,Sucking Reflex, Rooting, Swallowing Reflex, Sneezing and coughing Reflex, Tonic neck/fencing Reflex, Palmer and planter Reflex, Moro Reflex, Babinski Reflex, Doll’s eye Reflex, Dancing/ Stepping Reflex, (By GS India Nursing)

Newborn Reflex & types of reflex:

Reflex means — Response against any stimuli. Reflex indicate — Neuromuscular well-being.

1. Sucking Reflex:- Sucking, when put any object in month. Disappear in 3-4 months.

2. Rooting Reflex:- When examiner touch the corner of mouth by finger, baby turn his face that side for sucking purpose. Disappear 3-4 months put up to 1 years. When wake and 6-8 months when sleep Absent in case of facial palsy.

3. Swallowing Reflex:- Swallowing towards esophagus. Never Disappear.

4. Sneezing and coughing Reflex:- Foreign body in upper respiratory tract — Sneezing. Coughing is reflex of lower respiratory tract (larynx). Never Disappear.

5. Tonic neck/fencing Reflex:- When baby in supine position and baby head is turn on right or left side. Then same side extremities extension and opposite side extremities flexion occurs. Disappear after 3-4 months, absent in brachial palsy.

6. Palmer and planter Reflex:- Palmer, When examiner finger touch the newborn palm, the baby hold the finger tightly, it is called plumber reflex. Disappear at 3-4 months.

Planter, When examiner finger touch the base of toes, finger of foot of newborn turn around examination finger. Disappear at 8 months.

7. Moro Reflex:- Hold the newborn in semi- sitting position. Then lower newborn head 30°. Newborn show sharp extension and abduction of extremities, finger and thumb are in “C” shape position, followed by sharp flexion and extension. Absent in case brachial palsy. Disappear at 3-4 months ( 6 months).

8. Babinski Reflex:- Use a sharper or blunt, object, begin from heel of foot and then move laterally toward the ball of foot. New born responds by fanning of toes and dorsiflexion (adult planter flexion) of big tones. Disappear at 1 years but may up to 2 years. The babinski reflex after 2 years indicate neurological abnormalities.

9. Gag Reflex:- When the posterior pharyngeal part stimulated person infant vomits. Never disappear. Indicate function of cranial nerve IXth and X th.

10. Doll’s eye Reflex:- When newborn face is turn Towards onside then then newborn eye do not follow the turning head. The eye are fixed. Disappear at 4 months.

11. Startle Reflex:- When loud noise is created near newborn respond by sharp flexion, extension, first close and cry. Disappear at 3-4 months.

12. Dancing/ Stepping Reflex:- When a newborn is hold on vertical position and if one or both leg touch any firm surface, baby rapidly extend and flexed his leg like dancing. Disappear at 3-4 months.

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