Oral vaccine is used to prevent,(ओरल वैक्सीन का प्रयोग रोकथाम के लिए किया जाता है,)The natural method of family planning is(परिवार नियोजन की प्राकृतिक विधि है,)

Q 1. The natural method of family planning is(परिवार नियोजन की प्राकृतिक विधि है,)_


B. Oral contraceptive

C. Condom

D. Calendar method

Q 2. National Family Welfare Program was started in India by,(भारत में राष्ट्रीय परिवार कल्याण कार्यक्रम शुरू किया गया था,)

A. 1965

B. 1947

C. 1971

D. 1952

Q 3. Which of the following methods of contraception can prevent sexually transmitted diseases,(गर्भनिरोधक के निम्नलिखित तरीकों में से कौनसा यौन संचारित रोग को रोक सकता है,)

A. Copper _T

B. Condom

C. Cervical cap

D. Oral pills

Q 4. Oral vaccine is used to prevent,(ओरल वैक्सीन का प्रयोग रोकथाम के लिए किया जाता है,)

A. Polio

B. Mumps

C. Measles

D. Tuberculosis

Q 5. Vaccines are stored at the primary health center level,(प्राथमिक स्वास्थ्य केंद्र स्तर पर वैक्सीन का भंडारण किया जाता है,)

A. Deep freeze

B. Ice lined refrigerator

C. Walk in cold room

D. Cold box

Q 6. What is the approximate length of the large intestine?(बड़ी आत की लंबाई लगभग कितनी होती है,)

A. 1.5 meter

B. 2.5 meter

C. 3 meter

D.6.25 meter

Q 7. The end product of fat digestion is(वसा के पाचन का अंतिम उत्पाद है,)

A. Amino acid

B. Fatty acid

C. Glycerol

D. Both B and C

Q 8. How many lumbar vertebrae are there?(लंबर कशेरुक की संख्या कितनी होती है,)

A. 12

B. 5

C. 6

D. 9

Q 9. What is the pulse rate per minute of a newborn baby at the time of birth,(जन्म के समय नवजात शिशु का नाड़ी दर प्रति मिनट कितना रहता है,)

A. 60- 80

B. 110- 120

C. Above 160

D. 140- 160

Q 10. What is the fear of heights called?(ऊंचाइयों के डर को क्या कहा जाता है,)

A. Claustrophobia

B. Acrophobia

C. Hydrophobia

D. Algophobia

Ans 👇

Ans 1. D. Calendar method ,

Ans 2. D. 1952 ,

Ans 3. B. Condom ,

Ans 4. A. Polio ,

Ans 5. C. Walk in cold room ,

Ans 6. A. 1.5 meter ,

Ans 7. D. Both B and C ,

Ans 8. B. 5 ,

Ans 9. D. 140- 160 ,

Ans 10. B. Acrophobia ,

Some explanation 👇

Acrophobia ,

What is the cause of acrophobia?

Acrophobia sometimes develops in response to a traumatic experience involving heights, such as: falling from a high place. watching someone else fall from a high place. having a panic attack or other negative experience while in a high place.

How do you test for acrophobia?

The acrophobia test requires candidates to climb a 30 foot ladder, wearing a harness, helmet and gloves for safety purposes. Once at the top of the ladder candidates will be asked to anchor themselves with one leg over and through the rung.

Walk in cold room ,

Walk-In Cold Rooms (WIC) and Walk-In Freezer Rooms (WIF) are refrigerated enclosures accessible via at least one door and large enough for a person to walk into, housed within existing buildings.

What is the difference between cold room and freezer room?

The basic difference between a walk-in freezer and a cold room is that the latter operates at a temperature ranging from -2C°and 5C° while freezer rooms ranges from -40C° to -18C°. So, cold room is considered as cold; but the freezer room is to freeze the items and preserve it further.

Calendar method ,

The rhythm method, also called the calendar method or the calendar rhythm method, is a form of natural family planning. To use the rhythm method, you track your menstrual history to predict when you’ll ovulate. This helps you determine when you’re most likely to conceive.

How does calendar method work?

In simple terms, the calendar method works by counting cycle days to work out when you’re most likely to be fertile. Before it can be used as a birth control method, you must monitor the length of your cycle for six cycles first. If you have very short cycles then the calendar method may not be a suitable option.


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